Category: Basic Science (BST) 6

Water Projects in Nigeria

LESSON – WATER PROJECTS IN NIGERIA    TOPIC Introduction Types of Water Projects in Nigeria Benefits and Hazards of Water Projects Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Water is very important for survival. It is the main component of plant and animal bodies. Water also serves useful purposes in the life of man. Many governments initiate and

Types of Force

LESSON – TYPES OF FORCE    TOPIC Introduction Types of Force Effects of Force Meaning of Frictional Force Effects of Frictional Force Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction Ways of Preventing Friction   INTRODUCTION  In the school and at home, we see many moving things. We move about on our legs, vehicles move on roads, trains

Safety Precautions and Devices

LESSON – SAFETY    TOPIC Introduction Safety Precautions Causes of Accidents How to Prevent Accidents Safety Devices and Instructions First Aid Box Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Safety means keeping yourself and others free from harm, danger or accidents. It means taking care not to fall or bump or run into things. Any precautions taken prevent

Application of Maintenance

LESSON – MAINTENANCE   TOPIC Introduction Types of Maintenance Application of Maintenance Importance of Maintenance   INTRODUCTION The purpose of maintenance is to ensure that our equipment are in good working condition always. A breakdown in plants and machines cloud be as a result of inadequate maintenance. In all work place, houses, schools and roads,

Introduction to Woodwork (Hand Tools)

  LESSON – INTRODUCTION WOODWORK (HAND TOOLS)  TOPIC Introduction Hand tools for Woodwork Classification of Woodwork Hand Tools Cares and Maintenance for Woodwork Hand Tools   INTRODUCTION  A woodwork hand tool is any tool that is used by hand rather than a motor. Some of the tools are stated and classified as measuring tools, setting

Various Colours Around Us

  LESSON – COLOURS  TOPIC Various Colours Around Us Components of Colour Types of Colour Production of Colours Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION There are objects of different colours in our environment. Some are red, black, blue, etc. We all have the colour we like best. One person may like blue colour, another may like red

The Solar System and Gravity and Weightlessness in Space

  LESSON – THE SOLAR SYSTEM  TOPIC Introduction Natural Bodies in the Sky The Relationship between the Earth, Sun, Moon and the Stars Earth’s Movement and their Effects The Eclipse of the Sun and the Moon Relationship between the Earth and Other Planetary Bodies Gravity and Weightlessness in Space Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION The solar