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Eternal Parts of Vehicles

LESSON – ETERNAL PARTS OF VEHICLE  TOPIC Meaning and Types of Vehicle Eternal Parts of Vehicle Advantages and Disadvantages of A Car   INTRODUCTION A vehicle is a machine used to carry people or goods from place to place on land, water or in the air.   TYPES OF VEHICLES  The types of vehicles are

Materials Used in Technology – Meaning of Materials | Types of Materials | Uses of Different Materials Used in Technology

LESSON – MATERIALS USED IN TECHNOLOGY  TOPIC Meaning and Types of Materials Used in Technology Uses of Materials Used in Technology   INTRODUCTION  Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes of human life. Technology includes all electrical and mechanical devices. Computer, television, radio, scissor, comb, etc are good examples the products of

Food and Adequate Diet (Classes of Food)

LESSON – FOOD AND ADEQUATE DIET  TOPIC Meaning and Classification of Foods Importance of Foods or Reasons for Eaten Foods Meaning and Importance of Adequate Diet   INTRODUCTION Foods are nourishing substance that we eat and drink, or taken into the body for healthy living.   THE REASONS OF EATING FOOD/IMPORTANCE OF EATING FOOD  Foods