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Types of Rock and Major Landmark of Rocks in Nigeria

LESSON – ROCKS  TOPIC Meaning and Types of Rock Uses of Rock Formation of Rocks Major Landmark of Rock in Nigeria   MEANING OF ROCK Rock are solid parts of the earth that made up of different materials or minerals. When the rock is broken into smaller particle, it formed soil.   WHERE CAN ROCK

Excretion and Excretory System | Importance of Excretion

LESSON – EXCRETORY ORGANS  TOPIC Meaning of Excretion Excretory System Importance of Excretion   INTRODUCTION Excretion is one of the most basic functions of life. It is the process of waste products from our body.   MEANING OF EXCRETORY SYSTEM  Excretory system is the collection of organs with primary function of removing wastes from our

Concept and Features of Body Image and Self Esteem

LESSON – BODY IMAGE AND SELF ESTEEM TOPIC Concepts of Body Image and Self Esteem Types of Body Images Features of Positive and Negative Body Images   INTRODUCTION Body image is the way people see and feel about their body. When you looked in a mirror, what you thought and feel about yourself is known

Internal Parts of Motor Vehicles (Cars)

LESSON – INTERNAL PARTS OF A CAR A vehicle is a machine used to carry people or goods from place to place on land, water or in the air. The following are types of vehicles – wagon, bicycle, motor vehicle, etc.   MOTOR VEHICLES  A motor vehicle is an automotive vehicle such as motorcycles, cars,

Materials Used for Making Local Soaps and Detergents

LESSON – LOCAL SOAPS  TOPIC Introduction Meaning of Soap and Detergent Local Materials Used of Making Soap Active Ingredients in the Local Materials Used for Making Soap Uses of Soap   INTRODUCTION Soap is a substance used for washing. Soaps are in different forms, Liquid soap detergent Bar soap   Most of the bar soaps

Acids and Bases

LESSON – ACIDS AND BASES  TOPIC  Meaning of Acids and Bases Properties of Acids and Bases Types of Acids and Bases Uses of Acids and Bases   MEANING OF ACIDS  Acids are chemical substances in almost liquid, commonly in unripe fruit.   PROPERTIES OF ACIDS  The properties of acids are as follows: 1. Acids taste

Meaning of Maintenance and The Needs for Maintenance

LESSON – MAINTENANCE  TOPIC Meaning of Maintenance Needs for Maintenance Materials Used for Maintenance Simple Maintenance Activities   INTRODUCTION  Maintenance is an activity that should be carried out on regular basis in order to keep equipment in good working condition.   THE NEEDS FOR MAINTENANCE/IMPORTANCE OF MAINTENANCE  The needs for maintenance are as follows: 1.