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Meaning and Types of Drawing

LESSON – USES AND BENEFITS OF DRAWING    TOPIC Introduction Materials Used for Drawing Types of Drawing Uses of Drawing Benefits of Drawings   INTRODUCTION  Drawing is the act of making pictures of living and non living things on drawing papers, cardboards, etc. using appropriate materials. It is a form of visual art.   DRAWING

Mode of Greetings

LESSON – CONCEPT OF GREETING   TOPIC Introduction Mode of Greeting Formal and Informal Greetings Various Ways of Greetings in Nigeria Greetings and Replies Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION Greeting is a way of showing respect or appreciate to people. It is a self expression that people intentional make their presence known to one and another.

Introduction to Drama and Theatre

LESSON – DRAMA AND THEATRE   TOPIC Introduction Meaning of Drama and Theatre Forms of Drama Functions of Drama Why People get Involved in Performing Arts? Elements of Drama Costume and Makeup Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Drama involves impersonation and imitation of people and situations (i.e. role playing of people and situations) before an audience

Forms and Benefits of Dancing

LESSON – DANCE    TOPIC Introduction Forms of Dance Importance (Benefits) of Dancing   INTRODUCTION  Everybody can dance even when you think you are not. Dance can be as simple as shaking or moving your body. Dance is the movement of the body that match the musical rhythm.   FORMS OF DANCE  The purposes of

The Process of Making Paper Mache

LESSON – INTRODUCTION TO MODELING (PAPER MACHE)    TOPIC Introduction Meaning of Paper Mache Materials Used for Making Paper Mache The Process of Making Paper Mache Uses of Paper Mache   INTRODUCTION  Modeling is the process of creating objects using soft clay and paper mache. The moulding of objects using paper, it is called paper

Introduction to Music and Noise

LESSON – MUSIC AND NOISE    TOPIC Introduction Meaning and Importance of Music Source of Music Meaning and Types of Sound Source of Sound Meaning and Source of Noise Advantages and Disadvantages of Noise   INTRODUCTION  Music is an organized sound that is pleasant. It is a written signs representing vocal or instrumental sound.  

Print Making

LESSON – PRINT MAKING    TOPIC Introduction Meaning and Types of Print Making Advantages and Disadvantages of Printing Making Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Print making is the process of reproducing text and images on a desired surface.   TYPES OF PRINTING  There are two types of print making, namely: 1. Leaf printing 2. Thumb printing