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Career Opportunities in Computer

LESSON – CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN COMPUTER    TOPIC Introduction Career Opportunities in Computer Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Career is the period of time spent in a job, occupation or profession. It is a whole life’s work. Career opportunities are the different job opportunities available to people to do.   CAREERS OPPORTUNITIES IN COMPUTER Career opportunities

Small and Large Scale Computer Applications

LESSON – COMPUTER APPLICATIONS TOPIC Introduction Small and Large Scale Computer Applications Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Computer and computer applications are used in various aspects of human activity. In fact, most professions have application software written specifically for them to solve certain tasks. Architects have the AUTOCAD software that aid in the design of building

Social Media

LESSON – SOCIAL MEDIA  TOPIC Introduction Types of Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Social media is an online community where the users create and share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.   TYPES/CATEGORIES OF SOCIAL MEDIA  The following are the major types of social media,   1.

Computer Network and Network Topology

LESSON – COMPUTER NETWORK   TOPIC Introduction Types of Computer Network Computer Network Requirements Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network Uses of Computer Network Network Topology Types of Network Topology Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION  Computer network is the sharing of data (information) between a set of connected computers. Computer networking has become one of the