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The Nets of Three Dimensional Shapes (Prisms and Pyramids)

  LESSON – THE NETS OF THREE DIMENSIONAL SHAPES  TOPIC Introduction Nets of Prisms Net of Triangular Prism Net of Square Prism Net of Rectangular Pyramid Net of Triangular Pyramid Net of Square Pyramid Net of Rectangular Pyramid   INTRODUCTION A net is a pattern made from two dimensional shape to form three dimensional shape.

Three Dimensional (3D) Shapes

  LESSON – 3D SHAPES TOPIC Introduction Meaning and Properties of Three Dimensional Shape Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION – 2D AND 3D SHAPES  Three dimensional shapes are objects or shapes that three dimensions such as length, width, and height. Three dimensional shapes are known as 3D shapes. While two dimensional shapes have just two dimensions such

Weight and Its Standard Units

LESSON – MEASUREMENT – LENGTH   TOPIC Introduction Conversion between Gram and Kilogram Addition and Substation of Weight in G and Kg Multiplication and Division of Weight in G and Kg Word Problems Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION   Weight is the amount of matter in a body or object. It measures how light or heavy

Length and Its Metric Units

LESSON – MEASUREMENT   TOPIC Introduction Concept of Centimetres, Metres and Kilometres Conversion between Centimetres, Metres and Kilometres Addition and Subtraction of Length in Cm, M and Km Word Problems   INTRODUCTION  Length is the measurement of distance from one point to other side of an object.  Length is measured in centimetres and millimetres, metres