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Drug Education, Issues and Challenges of Drug and Drug Abuse

LESSON – DRUG EDUCATION  TOPIC Introduction Meaning and Forms of Drug Ways of Taking Drugs Normal Use of Drug and Effects Drug Abuse and Effects Effects of Drug on Individual, Family and Society Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Tobacco Consequences of Drug Abuse   INTRODUCTION A drug is any substance that can change the activities of

Pathogen Diseases, Symptoms and their Preventive Measures

LESSON – PATHOGENS AND DISEASES  TOPIC Introduction Meaning and Types of Pathogen Meaning and Types of Disease The Symptoms and Preventive Measures   INTRODUCTION Pathogen is an infectious disease that causes illness or makes people sick. Infectious diseases are diseases that are communicable. Pathogen are tiny living organisms that caused illness to the body.  

Basic Swimming Strokes and Health Benefits of Swimming

LESSON – SWIMMING STROKES  TOPIC Introduction Basic Types of Swimming Strokes Health Benefits of Swimming   INTRODUCTION Swimming is a popular exercise and sport that involves movement through or in water. A swimming stroke is a method of swimming that propel the body forward by moving the arms and legs.   BASIC SWIMMING STROKES The

Introduction to Direction | The Significance of Four Cardinal Points

LESSON – INTRODUCTION TO DIRECTION  TOPIC 1. Introduction 2. Meaning of Cardinal Points 3. The Importance of Four Cardinal Points   INTRODUCTION Direction is the position along which someone or something moves or faces. Direction is used to describe or determine the position of someone or something. Sometimes, it is used as right , left,

Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Activities | Importance of Recreational Activities

LESSON – RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES  TOPIC Meaning and Importance of Recreation Activities Components of Recreation Activities Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Activities   INTRODUCTION Recreation is the after work sporting activities or free time activity that for pressure, fitness enhancement or enjoyment. People choose the activities that good for their health, refresh their body and mind, making

Gymnastic Activities – Basic Floor and Apparatus Activities

LESSON – GYMNASTIC ACTIVITIES  TOPIC Introduction Meaning of Gymnastic Activities Floor and Apparatus Activities   INTRODUCTION Gymnastics are the physical fitness (or activities) that is used show and develope strength, flexibility, agility, balance and control. Gymnastics are often done with or without any equipments.   TYPES OF GYMNASTICS ACTIVITIES  There are two basic gymnastics –

Physical Fitness Enhancement Activities | Component and Benefits of Physical Fitness

LESSON – PHYSICAL FITNESS  TOPIC Meaning of Physical Fitness and Fitness and Enhancement Physical Fitness Enhancement Activities Components of Physical Fitness Benefits of Physical Fitness Enhancement Activities   INTRODUCTION Physical fitness is the state of health and well-being of a person. It is the ability to perform a certain sports, occupations and daily activities. Fitness

Reasons for Maintenance of Sport Facilities and Equipments

LESSON – SPORT FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENTS  TOPIC Introduction Meaning of Sport Facilities and Equipments Maintenance of Sport Facilities and Equipments   INTRODUCTION A sport is a game or physical activity that people compete against each other individually or as a team. According to the World Sports Encyclopaedia (2003), there are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting