Social Studies Guides JSS 1 Culture and Social Values – Meaning and Characteristics of Culture, Road Safety Club and Cultural Differences and Similarities

  SOCIAL STUDIES  THEME – RELIGION AND NATIONAL VALUES  TOPIC 1 – MEANING AND CHARACTERISTICS OF CULTURE   INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Motion pictures of culture 2. Pictures of cultural display 3. Visits to museum 4. Regalia   LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:   1. define culture. 2. … Read more

Basic Science Guides JSS 1 You and The Environment

  TOPIC AREA – Clean Water, Immunization, Disease Vector, Drug Abuse, Maintaining Balance, Sanitation, Cleanliness, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, The Earth in Space    BASIC SCIENCE  THEME – YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT  TOPIC 1 – DISEASES PREVENTION (CLEAN WATER)    INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Samples of treated and untreated water 2. Charts/pictures   LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end … Read more

Gravitation and Weightlessness

LESSON – GRAVITATION AND WEIGHTLESSNESS    TOPIC Introduction Gravitation Weightlessness Effects of Gravitation on Objects   INTRODUCTION  Gravity does exist everywhere in the universe but in the space, it does not exist. Note – Make use of ball or other objects support the above statement or as stated in the lesson presentation.    GRAVITATION AND … Read more

Local and Foreign Musical Instruments

LESSON – MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS   TOPIC Introduction Local Musical Instruments Foreign Musical Instruments Lesson Evaluation   INTRODUCTION MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  Musical instruments are devices or tools used to produce sound or make music. Trombone Udu Sekere Kakaki Horn Gong Violin Piano Guitar Trumpet, etc.   In Nigeria, there are two (2) types of musical instruments used … Read more