Physical Fitness Enhancement Activities | Component and Benefits of Physical Fitness



  • Meaning of Physical Fitness and Fitness and Enhancement
  • Physical Fitness Enhancement Activities
  • Components of Physical Fitness
  • Benefits of Physical Fitness Enhancement Activities



Physical fitness is the state of health and well-being of a person. It is the ability to perform a certain sports, occupations and daily activities.

Fitness enhancement is any physical exercise that improve the physical abilities and quality of life by increasing strength, flexibility, balance, improving body image, mood, etc.



The fitness enhancement activities are as follows:

1. 50 metres shuttle run

2. Jogging

3. Sit and reach

4. Frog jump

5. V sit

6. Squat jump

7. Carrying of weights

8. Sit up

9. Sergeant jump

10. Press up

11. Broad jump

12. Straight knee toe touch

13. Beam walk

14. Standing on one foot



A fitness component is simply a way of identifying and measuring a certain part of a person’s fitness.

In order word, it means one’s total fitness.

The followings are activities for maintaining total fitness –

1. Flexibility

2. Endurance

3. Strength

4. Agility

5. Balance

6. Coordination

7. Power

8. Time

9. Speed



Flexibility is  the ability to move free the joints and muscles. That’s range of motion available at a point.



Endurance is the ability to continue to perform a task without being tired – press up, minute run, walk – bench step on and off, squat thrust, etc.



Strength is  the ability to exert force – pull ups, sit ups.



Agility is the ability to change position rapidly in space with speed and accuracy.



Balance is the ability to maintenance at equilibrium.


6. Coordination

Coordination is the ability to be in control.


7. Power

Power is the rate at which one can perform a task.


8. Time

Time is the rate within space.


9. Speed – 50 meters dash

Speed is the ability to cover a distant within a short period of time.



The benefits of fitness enhancement activities are as follows:

1. It improves the quality life.

2. It controls body weight.

3. It improves the quality of body image and mood.

4. It boosts energy.

5. It improves your quality of sleep.

6. It reduces blood pressure and improves heart health.

7. It improves joint pain and stiffness.

8. It maintains muscle strength and balance.

9. It helps to prevent and manage health conditions and diseases such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, different types of cancer, arthritis, falls, etc.

10. It increase life span.



Answer all the questions.

1. explain the meaning of fitness enhancement.

2. mention 5 physical fitness enhancement activities.

3. perform any 5 physical fitness enhancement activities.

4. state 5 benefits of physical fitness enhancement activities.

5. Mention any three physical fitness components.

6. identify activities for measuring endurance, strength and speed.

7. describe how endurance, strength and speed are measured.


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