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Chemistry Guides for SS 2 Chemical World – Acid Base Reactions, Chemical Reactions, Mass Volume Relationships and Periodic Table

  CHEMISTRY  THEME – CHEMICAL WORLD  TOPIC 1 – ACID – BASE REACTIONS    INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Distilled water or deionized water. 2. Titration apparatus (retort stand, beaker, burette, conical flask, pipette, white tile, etc). 3. Indicators 4. Weighing balance. 5. Acids 6. Bases 7. Petri-dish 8. Practical notebooks 9. Measuring cylinder 10. Funnel  

Chemistry Guides for SS 1 Chemical World

  CHEMISTRY  THEME – THE CHEMICAL WORK  TOPIC 1 – INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY    INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 1. Pictures of chemical industries and laboratories. 2. Posters and charts. 3.Locally available chemical industries.   LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. define chemistry. 2. list career prospects in chemistry. 3.