Labour As A Human Factor of Agricultural Production | Meaning and Types of labour | Characteristics and Importance of Labour




Land, labour, capital and management are the most essential elements or factors of production in agriculture. For productive purposes, the four (land labour, capital and farm manager) are employed in combination.



Labour is both physical and mental efforts of man used in production. It is a human factor of production that work on other factors of production.

The reward for labour is wages and salaries.




There are 3 types of labour –

A. Professional Labour

Professional labour is labour with highest level of knowledge based education and managerial skills. For example – the farm manager also known as the entrepreneur.

B. Skilled Labour

Skilled labour is labour that can operate complex machines to perform their task. This labour received training and education in order to increase production.

C. Unskilled Labour

Unskilled labour is the labour that worked with their hands. This lack the skills or training to perform other tasks.

D. Semi Skilled Labour

Semi skilled labour is the worker that had basic skills or training to operate simple machine. This labour received more wages than unskilled labour.

For more info on types of labour – Prezi Dot Com




The characteristics of labour are as follows,

1. Labour is human factor of production.

2. Labour is mobile. That’s, it is movable factor of production.

3. Labour costs money.

4. The reward for labour is wages and salaries.

5. The reward is negotiable.



The importance of labour are as follows,

1. It aids growth and development.

2. It provides special skills.

3. It provides variety of skills.

3. It is an act factor of production.



1. Outline all the factors of agricultural production.

2. Labour is a human factor of production. Discuss.

3. State 5 characteristics of labour.

4. What are the importance of labour in agricultural production.



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